Vote-o-Pedia: The People’s Guide to Voter Access & Election Integrity across the US.

Our goal is to encourage everyone to think about how to make our elections better, so we can all vote and trust the results. We take the following into account.


Subtopics: gerrymandering, political contributions and competitive candidates


Subtopics: total turnout, youth turnout, minorities turnout


Subtopics: early voting on weekends, easy mail voting, methods to avoid fraud


Subtopics: official efforts to check for errors, efforts to disclose them when found


Close to real time updates from a non partisan source

The People is an organization which focuses on helping citizens across the country and political spectrum to find common ground. One of the common grounds is fair and secure voting. Get information you can trust from us and take action!

The Time is Now!

We have the power to fix the issues within government if we come together. Our voices and power only start at the polls.

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